About Me and My Coaching

My Coaching Background, Qualifications and Well-Being Coaching Supports for You. 

I am a Qualified Health and Wellness Coach since 2019.

I am also a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RPN) with 20+ Years of Mental Health Nursing experience.

In June 2020, I completed a Two Year Training Course in Health and Wellness Coaching. I obtained a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching, from the National University of Ireland - Galway (NUIG). 

This is a Summary of my Professional Qualifications.

  • Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching, (NUIG - 2020)

  • Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Adult Mental Health Nursing, (DKIT - 2005)

  • Post Graduate Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Nursing Studies, (DKIT - 2003)

  • Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing - Registered Mental Health Nurse (RPN) in 1999.

I am a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF - Ireland Chapter). This is a Professional Coaching Body which promotes a Coaching Code of Conduct, Ethics, Training and Practice Standards for Coaching. 

My ICF Membership Badge & Certificate are Available Below. Click to View & Click - (Close X) to Return to this Page.

How You and I Work Together Towards Achieving Your Well-Being Goals!

  • I offer you Space and Support to create your Wellness Vision, Goals and Goal Strategies.

  • You and I will engage in our scheduled Weekly Coaching Sessions. 

  • I will provide regular Check-In (Email & Messaging) Supports between our Coaching Sessions. 

  • Coaching with me increases your Confidence and Readiness for Intentional Healthy Habit Change Action.

  • My Coaching Style is warm, caring and gently challenging.

  • I will hold you accountable as you strive towards attaining Your Goal Outcomes. 

  • I bring My Mental Health Nursing Experience,Coaching Skills and Passion to a Coaching Partnership.

  • My Coaching Practice is informed by Evidence Based Research and my curiosity for Further Learning.

  • I will (with your Permission) offer you relevant Self-Directed Learning Resources and Skill Exercises. 

I am excited to Coach with you in Your Health and Well-Being Goal Journey. 



Emmet Quigley Health Coaching (Compás Sláinte)