How Coaching could help You!

My Health and Wellbeing Coaching provides a dynamic, supportive partnership approach to explore your health and wellbeing.

As your Coach I will work with you to create your wellness vision and goals, implement your goal strategies and evaluate goal outcomes as you strive for increased health and wellbeing. 

I strongly believe each person has innate motivation and ability for transformative healthy lifestyle habit change in their lives. 

It is my desire to assist the development of your confidence and belief in your capacity for change action. I will provide coaching supports as you progress towards the health and wellbeing goals you seek.

I bring lots of mental health nursing experience, evidence based health and wellbeing learning, my coaching passion, and skills to our coaching partnership. 

Ongoing evidence based research is demonstrating the effectiveness of Coaching in helping clients achieve and enjoy greater health, wellbeing and Life satisfaction. Your wellbeing goals align with my coaching goals to help people achieve their wellbeing potential.

My intention is to provide you with a friendly, high standard, accessible, affordable and effective health and wellbeing Coaching service.

I look forward to the opportunity to Coach with you soon. 

Emmet Quigley.