My Coaching Background. 

Emmet Quigley-Health & Wellness Coach.
My name is Emmet Quigley.
I live in the Dundalk area of County Louth, in Ireland.
I am curious about how our attitudes, emotions, lifestyle behaviours, food choices and our environmental dynamics interact and impact upon our physical/mental/emotional health, wellbeing and life satisfaction.
I believe the Holistic focus on Health and Wellbeing through an empowering 
Coach and Client partnership, can create transformational health and wellbeing outcomes.
I am a Qualified Health and Wellness Coach, since 2019.
I am also a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RPN) since 1999, with over 20 years of Mental Health Nursing experience.
I completed a two year training course in Health and Wellness Coaching in June 2020.
I received a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching,
from the National University of Ireland-Galway. (NUIG)
I am a member of the International Coaching federation (ICF - Ireland Chapter). This is a profesional coaching body which promotes a Coaching Code of Conduct, Ethics, Training and Practice Standards in the field of Coaching.
I enjoy further learning and incorporating evidence based research in my coaching practice development.  
I am excited to practice Health and Wellness Coaching with Adults
who seek greater health, wellbeing and life satisfaction to enjoy in their lives.

This is a Summary of my Professional Qualifications.

  • Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching, (NUIG - 2020)
  • Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Adult Mental Health Nursing, (DKIT - 2005)
  • Post Graduate Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Nursing Studies, (DKIT - 2003)
  • Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing - Registered Mental Health Nurse (RPN) in 1999. 


Emmet Quigley Health Coaching (Compás Sláinte)