My Coaching Packages Information Page. 

I offer Health and Wellness Coaching for Adults.

Coaching Sessions Available; (Monday to Thursday 9.30am - 7.30pm and Friday 9.30am - 1.30pm)

(Please contact me to discuss your availability, so we can explore if  I can work flexible to assist you?)
During our (Discovery Call), I will advise you on the available Coaching Packages and Fees.
You then choose which package option suits you best.
 My Coaching Packages are generally 3 Monthly i.e. 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions, delivered (Online) and (In-Person)

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Coaching Package Offers! (2021).

1. A 10% Reduction applies when you Pay in Full for any 3 month (12 Weekly) Coaching Sessions programme before starting your coaching package . 

2. * Monthly Payment Plan* available for any 3 Month Package. Simply pay at the start of each month.* 

In return for a 10% Fee Reduction on my Coaching Packages, I will be grateful if you provide me with feedback,
about your experience of coaching with me. This helps me to develop my coaching practice.
You might choose to provide a written Testimonial?
Testimonials can encourage other people thinking about Coaching with me (Anonymity is assured)! 
*Additional Coaching Sessions are available when you complete your programme*

Payment Options will be explained during our Discovery Call and are included in your (Welcome Pack) items. 

Emmet Quigley HWC & (RPN). 

Arrange your (Free No Obligation 30 minute Discovery Call)

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This conversation allows you and I to find out, if my Health & Wellness Coaching can help you? 
Emmet Quigley.

 Preparing to Start Your Coaching Package.


An effective coaching partnership and your goal outcomes requires your motivation and readiness to change.
I will advise you to seek specialist help for health issues, which are outside my coaching scope of practice.

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